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I'm Ellisha, your Town Councilor At-Large!

I've learned so much from serving our community over the past 2 years and know that together, we can use creative, collaborative, community-based solutions to overcome the challenges our town faces and to celebrate successes.


Current member of the Finance Committee and the Elementary School Building Committee (2 years)

Led the Motion for an Anti-racist Environment at the Police Department - MAJORITY APPROVED

Led the Motion for increasing Town Council Stipends and Family Care Reimbursement - MAJORITY APPROVED & LAUNCHED

Sponsored the Motion for Waste Hauler Proposal for Universal Composting - IMPLEMENTATION


Supported the Motion to fund the creation of the Community Responders for Equity and Safety Services (CRESS)





A lot has changed over the last 2 years since being elected to Town Council!

I'm currently working at 80 Acres, a Black-owned Law Firm new to Amherst and focused on

climate justice.

I'm also serving as Assistant Director at CLUB OH!, a non-profit organization focused on youth workforce development in Springfield where we recently received $50,000 in American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds!


My kids are growing up!

My youngest child will be starting kindergarten this Fall at 80 Acres independent school and my oldest child will be starting middle school at ARMS.

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