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Meeting community needs through strategic allocation of resources

  • Balancing budget issues through community input

  • Community based solutions to education, infrastructure, safety, diversity, housing, and climate change

  • Fresh thinking about solutions to new and old issues in a diverse town

  • Programs and resources for those experiencing mental health, abuse, addiction, and other crisis situation

  • Prioritizing funding for multicultural center, youth empowerment center, CRESS

  • Meeting the staffing needs of the fire department

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Investing in Affordable Housing Initiatives

  • Creative solutions to create a sense of community and belonging

  • Expand affordable housing opportunities and access through an equity lens

  • An anti racist approach to communication and information about housing initiatives including comprehensive language access and trauma informed supports

  • Investment in family centered housing and retention of low income and BIPOC families

  • Expanding assistance programs and incentives for first time home buyers

Moving In

Prioritizing Covid Recovery

  • Relief efforts need to be centered in communities most impacted by COVID and focused on addressing disparities that have been perpetuated by the pandemic.   

  • Ensure that schools and youth programming have adequate funding and leadership that is representative of our diverse population 

  • Providing support for existing and aspiring business owners and identifying creative and inclusive solutions to revamping the downtown area

Tennis Players Bumping Elbows

Taking Bold Climate Action

  • Transformation of economy and society in order to address climate change 

  • Support Climate Action Adaptation and Resilience Plan report as proposed by Energy Climate Action Committee

  • Identify specific mitigations strategies that can address the intersections of Climate change, economic prosperity, racial injustice, income and health

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