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Increase Affordable Housing

  • Increase availability of subsidized and income-based affordable housing

  • Retain families through the expansion of rental and homeowner housing assistance

  • Investment in language equity initiatives for information regarding housing opportunities

  • An anti-racist approach to processes, communication, and information regarding housing

  • A collaborative, community-based approach to student housing solutions


Transparency and Equity in the Town Budget

  • Creative, collaborative, community-based solutions to education, infrastructure, safety, diversity, housing, and climate change

  • Increase town revenue through strategic planning and creative solutions that do not place excessive financial burden on residents

  • Evaluate the budget process and shift to a community-centered model

  • Center youth in town decision-making

  • Support adequate staffing and better working conditions at the Fire Station and Department of Public Works (DPW)


Advance Racial Justice

  • An anti-racist approach to communication, resources, information, and engagement with our most vulnerable community members 

  • Increase representation, leadership, and participation in community government

  • Provide support for retention and creation of BIPOC owned businesses

  • Invest in youth, youth resources, and youth spaces including a Youth Empowerment Center 

  • Support the expansion of CRESS

Tennis Players Bumping Elbows

Bold Climate Action

  • Mitigation strategies to address the intersections of climate change, economic prosperity, racial injustice, income and health

  • Implementation of waste hauler for universal composting bylaw  (co-sponsor)

  • Support climate action adaptation and resilience plan report as proposed by the Energy Climate Action Committee

  • Support community choice aggregation 

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